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[Gmod] More Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy by bloodyspare
[Gmod] More Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy

tool used :
-no collide

Addon used :
-LiFe : realism shading.
-Nakas Pony overhaul
[comic] .......for science by bloodyspare
[comic] .......for science
Edit : Turn out my pic is not contains mature content.

[would you kindly not question why i'm doing this, thank you] yea. for other it was a bloody murder, but for twilight it's just a science.

meanwhile on :icongmod-ponies:'s monthly contest
i'm not sure if mature content was acceptable...
and yet again medicore editing was so much. apologies

Program used :
-Garrys Mod
A new (party cannon) by bloodyspare
A new (party cannon)
Twilight : How do i firing this?
Pinkie : All you have to do is aim through the sight and pull the trigger...

i think you know what will happen next.

meanwhile on :icongmod-ponies:
"Pony playing RPG" ....Literally
and also.
MEDICOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee (i start to worry if this even pass the quality standard on medicore editing)

Map : gm_flargrass
[SAI] Maidmad by bloodyspare
[SAI] Maidmad
Maidmad : why you're holding camera!
Bloody : because its a once in a lifetime to see you dressed like this

BTW : Maidmad is male...

Made in sai
Dealt with my laziness.....



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fruztal Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh my- Thanks Again <3
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Oh god.. thank you <3
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Sooo ye like cute cartoon characters? Even skunks? XD
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