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Much Characters by bloodyspare
Much Characters
Can't come up with a good name.... at all

Time : 3 Hour of thinking and rearrange pose

Maps : good old gm_construct

Addons :
-LIFE : visual enhancement [as always]
-Sonic Generation Model
-Metrocop NPC pack
-Ratchet and clank models
-Bomberman models
-Little Pip models
-JENNY WAKEMEN beta model [not on workshop though]
-Warframe Female frames
-Warframe Weapons [not on workshop]
-Klonoa HD
-Red Alloy playermodel/npc
[Gmod/Crossover] There can be only one! by bloodyspare
[Gmod/Crossover] There can be only one!
Let's Try something differents by making a screenshot look like old school fighting games....

MAP : gm_constructs

Editing program : opencanvas 6

Time : 
- Arrange Model and lighting and couple of decoration : 1:20 hour
- Additional visual effect : 25 min

Addons :
-hotline miami Jacket from payday 2
-ssbb wii u Villager
-LIFE : Visual Enhancements
A problem with a simple loop by bloodyspare
A problem with a simple loop
Even hero do have problem with a simple obstacles...

Sonic : not a problem
Blaziken : Climbing with claws
Connor : more climbing with help of hiddden blade
Rhino : He can wallrun/ he can fly but not running a loop
Kirby : just fly it through
Dallas : Solving the problem with Biker style
Jacket : Probably running from Dallas
Klonoa and Hatty : confused at this
Bomberman : somehow he get accross this

Time : 1 hour
Addons :
-Green hill v3 sunset
-Klonoa HD
-Hatty Hattington
-Warframe male frame
-SCAR bike
-Sonic Generations model
-Payday 2 ragdoll and npc
-Jacket Payday 2 model
[Gmod] ALIEN! by bloodyspare
[Gmod] ALIEN!

New contest with a theme of Pony vs Aliens. So i got an idea of recreate a scene from the movie.
[if you get the reference :) ]

Behind the scene :

time : 20 minute
Addons :
-Aliens 3 
-Nakas Pony
Well.... I found out from the internet that Colin Wyckoff or Kitty0706 [AKA our beloved famous youtube animator creator of Team Fabulous/ Elliot goes to school/ Moment with heavy and many more] had passed away with leukemia.

As a fan who love his animations [watched since 2012 and continue on] and also an inspiration for all of us to make Garrys Mod's animation/comic/etc. well...

I know that he will never saw this but.

Kitty, I must say that i thank you. Thank you for making great animations that entertain us every time we watched. Thank you for making the inspiration for other youtubers to make animations and stuffs, Thank you for making a fine example of how videos game was helpful [in a form of animation]. You may no longer belong in this world anymore, but your animations and joy will belong in our heart forever.

Rest in Peace.

-Bloodyspare Ponthe Khalless
A fellow youtuber



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fruztal Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh my- Thanks Again <3
fruztal Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh god.. thank you <3
Cuteveemon219 Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sooo ye like cute cartoon characters? Even skunks? XD
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