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A young porcupine look at the scenery outside. A calm river view from the bridge her car driving pass. Bunch of buildings built on the riverside. Cargo ship and smaller boats going along the river. Clear sky with several birds flying pass. She lean back in her seat trying to ease her mind and enjoy the view. But then she look outside again, no meteor falling from sky? The bridge didn’t suddenly collapse? A cable on the top of bridge didn’t snap down and cut everything in its path?! She close her eye try to relax but then her eye pop open and she look outside again, unable to keep her eye away from the outside view. Being a timid and quite cowardice as she’s always was. Many may thought she’s a paranoid, but living in a town where mishaps are around the corner and everything could kill you even a harmless paper planes not to mention a war vet who has PTSD and goes on a rampages. Starring outside try not to blink, her heart raced faster, breathing like crazy she grip the seatbelt on her as she went into panic. Feeling a tap on her shoulder she jolt upward let out a small shriek.
“are you okay Flaky?!”
Turning her head toward the source of the speech it’s her friends. Toothy, A energetic purple beaver now looking at Flaky with a worried face....
Rocket JUMPPPPP! by bloodyspare
Rainbow Dash : Pinkie Pie! How did you get up here!
Pinkie Pie : My friend lend me this so i use it to reach you silly!

[heavily inspired by tf2 rocket jumps]

Meanwhile on :icongmod-ponies:
1. Non pegasus pony flying : check! [i hope the contest allow the pegasus to be in the scene as well, i'll be damned if they don't]
2.Yup! It's the same map that i use to make [Gmod] [FlutterDash] : A flight together

Map : gm_skylife
Addon Used :
-Nakas Pony overhaul
-3d Trails
-tf2 models

[Behind the scene] Rocket JUMPPPPP! Hint : it's a really long way pinkie got here!
Role Reversal! by bloodyspare
Role Reversal!
I couldn't come up with a good story behind this pic.

On :icongmod-ponies: Contest's [ponies being interrogated]

Medicore : I hope the glow edit along with the bruise on pinkie's eye are acceptable, i was a bit rushed when making this pic.

 [Behind the Scene] Role Reversal!
Dealt with my laziness.....



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